Small Businesses Need Great Logos Too!

Your alarm didn’t go off, you got stuck in traffic and you’re navigating a congested airport searching for your departure gate. It’s been a rough day and it’s probably going to get worse… unless you find a washroom - fast.

A fast glance down the corridor gets your attention. It’s that pleasing pictogram that everyone knows so well – thank you washroom sign!  Can you picture the one I’m talking about? Therein lies the beauty of a symbol. In this case, it’s that universally recognized symbol found in almost every public space worldwide and it’s shouting – “RELIEF.”  No matter where you are or what language you speak, that simple symbol speaks to you. Pretty impressive.

While a pictogram isn’t a logo, it has many similarities. Both have the ability of being recognized instantly and can effectively communicate a message. A simple pictogram symbol can communicate access to relief. A corporate logo, however, can identify a company and the product it produces. Even more importantly, a logo can convey trust and the promise of a positive customer experience.

Consider this:

If someone said to you, think “fast food” you probably have a visual in your mind of a specific logo as well as corresponding colours. You might be able to associate the logo with a mouth-watering item on the menu or a memorable experience at the restaurant. Bottom line, they didn’t mention any particular restaurant, but you were able to visualize their logo at the mere mention of “fast food”.

Whether you’re a small business or a large, internationally recognized corporation, your logo can motivate people. Obviously, greater resources can allow a company to exploit their logo to broader audiences. But fundamentally, the purpose of a logo is the same - regardless of company size or the geography in which the logo appears.

A logo, designed with creative effort and strategic consideration, can depict the very essence of your company. Its unique appearance can inspire and motivate.

Don’t get it twisted: a good logo won’t build your company’s reputation. You’ll still need to provide customers with superior service and products to gain your street cred. However, a memorable logo, supported by your company’s reputation, can foster consumer trust, attract wider attention and encourage new and repeat business.

The power of a logo is undeniable.

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